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Expatriate and Foreign National Taxes

When a company does business globally, income tax filing and withholding requirements can become much more complicated. Donovan, Klimczak & Company, a Canton CPA firm, provides both U.S. and foreign companies tax planning and tax consulting on a variety of international, federal and state tax issues.

We offer a wide range of expatriate and foreign national tax planning and compliance services. With our help, your international employees can reduce their taxes, comply with tax filing requirements, and avoid penalties and audits.

Our Expatriate and Foreign National Tax Services Include:

Employer services:

Employee Services:

Additional Specialized Services:

Tax issues have become more complicated as businesses have gone global, but that doesn't mean you should pay more than your fair share. We can help reduce your overall tax liability. Call George Hetrick, Mark Chapman or Ted Klimczak at 330-836-9331 to discuss our tax services for expatriates and foreign nationals in more detail.